The Cost of treatment to kill bed bugs with VA 88 to Eliminate a current  infestation is about the same or less than the nightly room rate.* 

 *Materials expense is about $60 for an average size room.
Where you have no current infestation and
you want to keep things that way, the Cost to provide Protection
against infestation with Glow Guard for
Bed Bugs is even less.*

*Materials expense is about $ 40 for an average size room.
Discounts by volume and scope of treatment
apply or contact us by email or call us to
discuss how we can be of help to you.
Because VA 88 and Glow Guard for Bed Bugs are 100% non-toxic you may arrange shipping by several means, including by mail.

You may contact us at:
by telephone at: 619 825 2121
Applied Science Labs
P. O. Box 835
Carmichael, Ca.  U.S.A.
95609 0835

                                                                                           Kills Bed Bugs on Contact

100% Nontoxic      No Stain      No Odor      Residual Control                           Residual Control       No Odor      No Stain     100% Nontoxic